My Appearance on the KYŌ Conversations Podcast

Screen Shot 2019-03-11 at 9.19.22 PM

This week marks one full year since I launched my podcast, which makes it fitting that my first appearance on another show just went live!

I’m incredibly excited to share this conversation I had with Marc Champagne on the KYŌ Conversations Podcast:

Marc asked some very thought-provoking questions, and in just 45 minutes we had the chance to walk through much of my story leading up to today. We covered topics like:

1) how/why I started my first business at 12 years old

2) driving myself into a dark depression through 6 months of 80+ hour weeks on my first tech startup

3) the friends and mentors who helped through the darkest period of my life

4) starting to meditate everyday 1044 days ago, and how the daily streak is still going today

5) what I see at the intersection of data science <-> mindfulness and why I’m obsessed (hint: see episode title)

6) my current step-by-step 3-hour morning routine (including meditation / journaling / exercise / eating / etc), how it’s iterated over the years

This is just the beginning!:


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