#12: Favio Vázquez – Data Science Polymath

Episode 12 — Favio Vázquez

Favio Vazquez is the Principal Data Scientist at OXXO: Mexico’s largest convenience store chain with over 17,500 locations.

In addition to his work at OXXO, Favio brings new meaning to the term “polymath” by simultaneously holding 5 other related positions at AI companies in Mexico:

With such a wide-ranging background, we covered a lot in this conversation, including:

  • Favio’s experience growing up in Venezuela, the childhood influencers that played a core part in shaping him into who he is today
  • Tricks like “frontloading” and “batching” that Favio uses to juggle many projects at once
  • How individuals looking to get hired as a company’s first data scientist should explain the value that data science can provide, what language to use and terminology to avoid
  • His approach for determining which questions would yield the most valuable return in applying data science to OXXO’s business
  • The greatest similarities and differences between how data science is practiced in Mexico versus the United States
  • When and how beginners should invest in learning advanced topics like big data processing (e.g. Apache Spark) and deep learning (e.g. neural networks)


Enjoy the show!


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Favio’s LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/faviovazquez/

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