#2: Kate Strachnyi — A Meta-Interview of 20 Amazing Data Scientists

Episode 2 — Kate Strachnyi

In this episode of the Data Journeys podcast, I’m joined by Kate Strachnyi. Kate is a data visualization specialist at Deloitte consulting, author the book “Journey to Data Scientist”, and creator of the Story by Data blog and YouTube channel.

This conversation with Kate was a really special treat because her book, “Journey to Data Scientist” is a essentially compilation of interviews that Kate herself conducted with 20 amazing Data Scientists. When she wanted to learn more about Data Science, as she says, she went “straight to the source”. So what we really have here is a meta-interview with Kate serving as the umbrella over 20 other people & stories — with backgrounds ranging from LinkedIn and Pinterest to Bloomberg and IBM.

The focus of the conversation lies on the overarching themes and patterns she found throughout her own 20 interviews. In terms of topics — we covered so much — but some my personal favorites included advice for building a project portfolio, use-cases for Data Science across industries & organization-size, the most overrated and underrated aspects of doing Data Science, how to properly evaluate job opportunities, and strategies for finding an environment where you can thrive. We also spend some time speaking about her extensive experience with the art of data storytelling, which she breaks down for beginners very nicely.

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