#21: Frank Diana: The Future of AI – Predicting, Preparing, & Thriving in Our Changing Future

“[To create new jobs for the working class in an automated society] …It comes back to the education paradigm. The focus of education will have to shift to make us more knowledgeable, yes, but also to make us creative, imaginative, innovative, entrepreneurial, and all of the things we need to leverage to continuously re-educate ourselves.”

– Frank Diana


Frank Diana is a recognized futurist, thought leader and frequent keynote speaker. He has served in various executive roles throughout his career and has over 30 years of leadership experience. Currently at Tata Consultancy Services, he is focused on leadership dialog in the context of our emerging future and its implications on business, society, governments, economies, and our environment. He blends a futurist perspective with a pragmatic, actionable approach, leveraging horizon scanning and storytelling to see possible futures and drive foresight into leadership deliberation.


His leadership experience obtained through various executive roles connects practical realities with the need to focus on an emerging future filled with complexity and change. A strong ability to connect dots enables the identification of future scenarios quickly and broadly, with an ability to see implications years into the future.


The conversation with Frank centered around his research which focuses on scanning the horizon for possible futures. We address common concerns about robots taking over the job market and eventually the world. We seek to understand what’s really true, what’s fear mongering, and what individuals and businesses should do to prepare for a world of change.


Some topics we covered include:

  • How Frank became so interested in educating the public as a futurist through his early career.
  • Addressing the two tipping points that have occurred thus far in humanity and changed what it means to be human– and the coming third tipping point.
  • Addressing some of the common fears that people have about the implications of advanced AI and robotics on the future.
  • How the shift to an automated society might cause initial elimination of jobs, but ultimately will allow more time for pursuit of creative, entrepreneurial endeavors.
  • A discussion on the characteristics needed to succeed in a world of change, and what you personally should do to prepare for it.


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