#3: Kale Temple — Artificial Intelligence & Data Science Consulting

Episode 3 — Kale Temple

Kale Temple is a Data Scientist, Startup Advisor, & Guest Speaker at the University of Sydney, down-under in Australia. Most recently, he became the Founder & CEO of Intellify — an Artificial Intelligence consulting company based in Australia, where he and his team help companies grow exponentially, operate efficiently, and all-in-all become more data-driven in their decision making.

In this conversation we spend a lot of time focusing on Data Science through the lens of consulting, covering topics like:

  • how Kale has been able to master Machine Learning without a degree in Computer Science or Statistics
  • the pros/cons of different data science career paths
  • Kale’s strategies for landing consulting clients and building relationships that last
  • his thought process behind starting companies
  • how he packages up his technical skills into consulting projects
  • tactics for identifying business pain-points where data science can have the biggest impact
  • how to build a personal brand for yourself as a Data Scientist and maximize the business value you’re able to bring
  • … and so so much more.

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