#5: Eric Weber — Lifelong Learning & The Art of Staying Curious

Episode 5 — Eric Weber

Eric Weber is a Senior Data Scientist at LinkedIn, online educator, and epitome of a lifelong learner who’s created quite the following for himself through posts on LinkedIn’s platform.

He holds a Bachelors degree in Mathematics at the University of Wisconsin, two Masters degrees in Math and Business Analytics at Arizona State University and the University of Minnesota, and a PhD from ASU. And as if that’s all not enough, he’s obtained 31 course certificates in MOOCs from Coursera and DataCamp… nearly all which in the realm of Data Science.

Naturally, this conversation was primarily focused on Data Science education through the lens of Eric’s experience as both a teacher & student.

Some topics we covered include…

  • Eric’c childhood obsessions, what he wanted to be growing up
  • what attracted Eric to LinkedIn and how he landed the job
  • the skills & aptitudes best suited for in-class vs. online learning
  • strategies for approaching online & self-directed learning
  • the best and worst advice Eric has heard or received
  • ethical implication of product promotion
  • the danger of “content farms” in maintaining authentic perspectives

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