#6: Andrew Ng — Globalizing Education, Disrupting Industries, & Generalizing Artificial Intelligence

Episode 6 — Andrew Ng

“Personally, I’m done transforming large internet companies… I think a lot of the important work for AI to do involves going outside the technology world.”  – Andrew Ng

Andrew Ng is an Adjunct Professor at Stanford University and nothing short of a giant in the data science, machine learning, and artificial intelligence world.

For the past decade he’s been shaping the way we live and learn. Four recent examples include:

  • Co-Founder of Coursera: an education platform that offers online courses from top universities across the world
  • Chairman of the Board for Woebot: a chatbot that’s currently revolutionizing mental health care
  • Creator of DeepLearning.AI: a series of specialization courses created to help beginners break into the field of AI
  • Former Chief Scientist at Baidu AI Group: the “Google of China”

This conversation was recorded in-person with Andrew in his office on Stanford’s campus in Palo Alto, California.

We covered a ton of different topics, including:

  • the goals of Andrew’s new $175M AI Fund
  • how he plans to revolutionize manufacturing
  • strategies for ML practitioners to tighten their feedback loop
  • what differentiates the best businesses like Amazon, Facebook, & Google from the rest in terms of their use of AI
  • the lack of progress he’s seeing toward artificial general intelligence and the so called “technology singularity”
  • why going to college for 4 years and coasting for 40 years makes no sense in today’s rapidly changing world
  • …. and much much more!

Enjoy the show!

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