Announcing Aware Healthcare

After 10 months of hard work, I’m excited to announce that Aware Healthcare is live and growing!

Last week we launched to our first 200 patients and now we’re hiring for 7 new positions (2 full-time roles, 5 summer interns) to join us on our mission of building the thermometer for the mind.

We’re Hiring:

The positions we’re hiring for include:

  • Principal Data Scientist (Full-Time)
  • Full-Stack Software Engineer (Full-Time)
  • Data Analyst (Intern)
  • Data Engineer (Intern)
  • Software Engineer (Intern)
  • Research Assistant (Intern)
  • Administrative Assistant (Intern)

And here are some of the many benefits we’re offering as part of our internship program (starting in < 2 weeks on June 8th), in addition to cash compensation:

  1. Early-stage startup experience
  2. Portfolio projects
  3. Summer case study
  4. Letter of recommendation
  5. Future job referrals
  6. Professional mentorship
  7. Networking opportunities
  8. Real impact

More details on each of these benefits in the job descriptions linked here:

Our Why:

I started Aware Healthcare because I believe the greatest problem in mental healthcare is not stigma or access, but measurement. Mental health patients often don’t receive the care they need because we lack a universal vocabulary for describing how we’re mentally feeling. And mental health providers often can’t treat those who need it most because we lack an objective measure for prioritizing one condition or approach over another. 

So why do we have a thermometer for the body but not a thermometer for the mind?

We’re starting with addiction because there is simply no more costly, preventable, or unmanaged disease in the United States of America. Addiction costs our nation $700 billion every year and leads to 70 other comorbid medical conditions. 16% of Americans meet criteria for clinical addiction and another 32% classify as risky users. Yet, with nearly half of Americans *directly* affected, we continue to turn our attention away from this chronic, complex brain disease.

So how big of a problem does addiction need to become before we give it the attention it deserves?

Join Us:

Now in a post-COVID world, the need for remote monitoring of mental healthcare has never been greater. This is no longer just an idea. Real patients in recovery from a substance-use disorder are being touched by our work every day. Which is why we’re inviting 7 new people to join us, in paid positions, starting immediately.

Interested? Check out our open positions below, and message me directly if any of the roles are a good fit for you or somebody you know.

We’d love to hear from you.