Hey there, I’m AJ! 👋

I’m an independent Data Scientist, primarily consulting for digital health companies. My personal & professional interests lie at the intersection of data analytics, behavior change, and human consciousness. Thus, I’m currently overseeing a team of data scientists, working to advance the most scientifically-efficacious, philosophically-principled, and commercially-validated approaches toward improving well-being.

Here’s a bit about what we do:

Conscious Insights helps digital health applications convert and retain more paying customers by analyzing user activity data, identifying why users are leaving before paying, and providing insights of how to reverse the trend. Through a better understanding of user behavior patterns and more frictionless product experience, our clients capture thousands of additional paying customers who would otherwise churn, everyday; ultimately resulting in boosted subscription rates, reduced churn, and large increases in recurring revenue.

Feel free to reach out if you have a project that may be of interest.


Also, I’m the host of the Data Journeys podcast, where it’s my job to interview world-class Data Scientists about their learning journeys. I’ve been speaking with guests ranging from the US Military to Silicon Valley, from the top-ranks of academia to down-under in Australia, and in each conversation, the goal is to have them tell their story and explore the strategies, tactics, and tools that have helped them along the way.

Some recent guests have included Andrew Ng (Coursera), Fernando Perez (Jupyter Notebooks), Jure Leskovec (Pinterest), Jim Guszcza (Deloitte Consulting), Dan Wulin (Wayfair), Anthony Scriffignano (Dun & Bradstreet), and Travis Oliphant (Anaconda).

You can find additional info on the show and past episodes here.


Finally, if you’re new here, I’d recommend starting with the story behind it all: Learning Without Limits: How Indigenous Tribes Prepared Me to Master Data Science.