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Hey, I’m AJ! šŸ‘‹

I’m a data scientist, podcast host, world traveler, and part-time philosopher.

My personal & professional interests lie at the intersection of (1) data analytics, (2) behavior change, and (3) human consciousness. In other words, what makes me come alive is using science to help people expand awareness and build healthy habits.

Currently, I’m leading an AI consulting group in San Francisco called Conscious Insights, where we use Data Science and Machine Learning to help digital health companies build conscious products more intelligently.

Leading brands like Calm, Oura Ring, Akili Interactive, Oak Meditation, Spire, TRIPP, Hopelab, etc have successfully engaged Conscious Insights to convert & retain more paying customers and, most importantly, drive better health outcomes for their users.

Alongside consulting, we’re also developing an AI technology to predict and prevent substance-use disorder relapse using passive meta-data from patients’ smartphones. Our mission is to build the ‘thermometer for the mind’, and we’re kicking off our first large-scale clinical study — with 300+ patients — in March 2020. More to come on this soon.

Feel free to reach out if you are interested in:

  1. engaging Conscious Insights for your organization (free 30 minute consultation)
  2. seeing examples of our work (case studies available upon request)
  3. referring people, products, or companies (rewarded and warmly appreciated)

Iā€™m also the host of the Data Journeys Podcast, where it’s my job to interview world-class Data Scientists about their learning journeys.

I’ve been speaking with guests ranging from the US Military to Silicon Valley, from the top-ranks of academia to down-under in Australia, and in each conversation, the goal is to have them tell their story and explore the strategies, tactics, and tools that have helped them get where they are today.

Some recent guests have included Andrew Ng (Coursera), Fernando Perez (Jupyter Notebooks), Jure Leskovec (Pinterest), Jim Guszcza (Deloitte Consulting), Dan Wulin (Wayfair), Anthony Scriffignano (Dun & Bradstreet), and Travis Oliphant (Anaconda).

You can find additional info on the show and past episodes here.

And for those wondering how my interests in data analytics, behavior change, and human consciousness came together, there were two key catalyzing events that sent me down this unique (and depending on how you look at it, somewhat strange) path:

  1. On April 27th 2016, I started meditating everyday. Within 30 days, the practice naturally healed my (at-the-time severe) depression and led to a series of other healthy habits. 1300+ consecutive days later, I have yet to miss a single day of meditation. See here for the full story.
  2. In August 2017, I spent a month living with indigenous tribes in Cambodia and Borneo-Malaysia. During this time, I learned quite a bit about fear, limiting beliefs, and accelerated learning. Living off the land brought me down to ground-zero and led me to master data science in <6 months. See here for the full story.

If you’re interested in learning more, these two articles linked above will tell you a great deal about who I am, what I care about, and where I derive meaning from.

And of course you can always reach out to me directly via my contact page.

My Resume/CV

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