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Data Journeys


Data Journeys is a podcast for aspiring Data Scientists by AJ Goldstein, where he interviews world-class Data Scientists about their learning journeys. The focus is on how they’ve bridged the gap between acquiring technical skills and creating real-world impact. In each episode, the goal is to equip up-and-comers with the strategies, tactics, and tools that the best in the world have used to get to where they are today.

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  • … or by searching for “Data Journeys” on virtually any podcasting platform.

… or by searching for “Data Journeys” on virtually any podcasting platform.

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Latest Episodes & Show Notes

#11: Dan Wulin: — International E-Commerce, Price Optimization, & Home-Good Product Recommendations

#10: Jure Leskovec — Chief Scientist of Pinterest

#9: Daniela Huppenkothen Astronomy, Cosmology, & The Study of Space

#8: Chris Albon Connecting Africa to the Internet & Defending Public Discourse

#7: Fernando Perez — Creating iPython, Founding NumFOCUS, & The Stories Behind It All

#6: Andrew Ng — Globalizing Education, Disrupting Industries, & Generalizing Artificial Intelligence

#5: Eric Weber — Lifelong Learning & The Art of Staying Curious

#4: Kirk Borne — NASA, Astrophysics, & the Evolution of Modern-Day Data Science

#3: Kale Temple — Artificial Intelligence & Data Science Consulting

#2: Kate Strachnyi — A Meta-Interview of 20 Amazing Data Scientists

#1: Andrew Cassidy — Predicting Bombs, Learning Online, & Working Anywhere