Plot Twist: Why I’m Moving from San Francisco to Portland, Shifting from Conscious Insights to Oak Meditation


Life sure does keep you on your toes.

In what has been quite the unexpected turn of events over the past week, I have some big news to share.

This week I will be packing up my things, moving from San Francisco California, and putting my business — Conscious Insights — on hold to go work full-time for Kevin Rose at his latest venture — Oak Meditation — as employee #7 / data scientist #1 in Portland Oregon.

For the past year and a half, I’ve been fully focused on applying data science to mindfulness-technology, and up until now have been convinced that consulting for many companies in this space was the best way to make the most positive impact.

Just 10 days ago, I would have never considered this a possibility.

However, after several face-to-face conversations with Kevin and the Oak team in Portland last week, and an abundance of video chats thereafter, I have been successfully convinced otherwise; given an offer and opportunity that I just cannot refuse.

So instead of working for many companies in this space, I’ll be going all-in on just one.

At Oak Meditation, not only will I be able to continue contributing to the cause I care so much about, but I’ll also have the chance to lead all-things data within this new organization, and build a world-class team around me in the process.

I’ll be growing in tangible and measurable ways each and everyday, creating a modern data architecture from the ground up, participating in BoD meetings + VC pitches, weaving data into every aspect of the business, and — most importantly — working alongside just a fantastic bunch of humans.

It’s ironic that, as I write this, I’m on a plane from SFO —> NYC for a 2-day Mindfulness in America conference. Since starting to meditate everyday 908 days ago (April 27 2016 was when it all began), this practice has found it’s way to the total center of my work and life.

Climbing to the top of Corona Heights late last night to say goodbye to San Francisco, a friend and I recounted about how much of a turning point that day has been for me. Now, when I think about how deeply the practice has transformed my life, and all the ways it’s allowed me to give back to others’ lives, I feel a sense of appreciation and purpose that’s impossible to put into words.

Working for Oak is the next step in this journey.

The hardest part about this decision was leaving SF: a city I just arrived in 5 weeks ago, and a place where most of my closest friends in the world reside. But alas, after many long-hikes and late-night-hangouts over the past week, I feel — deep in my bones — this is what I’m meant to do.

So Portland, here I come.

Portland, Oregon and Mount Hood from Pittock Mansion

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